Child protection

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Hi. In the virtual dimension of Zone Nations, the protection of young people as they take advantage of various communication services, interact with avatars, and explore digital worlds is paramount.

The innate curiosity and limited experience of young people, who constitute the main users of these cyber spaces, can make the virtual experience unsuitable and potentially risky.

To ensure the safety of young people as they immerse themselves in Zone Nations, it is essential that more adult and experienced users act as mentors, teaching them how to use the metaverse responsibly and safely and pointing out the most suitable virtual places to visit. When possible, guidance and assistance should be provided during their explorations, as well as supervising the virtual areas they frequent and any participation in virtual chats or communities.

Here are some important guidelines for young Zone Nations users:
1. Avoid sharing personal information such as one's first name, last name, age, address, phone number or data about one's educational institution.
2. Do not send pictures or videos of yourself.
3. Do not accept invitations from unknown users.
4. If someone disturbs you or makes you uncomfortable during a conversation, it is important to notify a family member or trusted adult.
5. Avoid making online purchases or downloading software from the Internet without parental consent, as some content may not be appropriate in the context of the Zone Nations metaverse.